At Arlington Masonry, we supply all the brick accessories and materials you need to complete the job. We carry high quality accessories so you can complete the job the right way, the first time.

Accessories needed to finish the job

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Daytona Redi Mix Concrete

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Brushing freshly poured driveway.

Masonry Supplies

Fireplace Supplies

Firebrick - 2 ½” X 4 ½” X 9

Flues: 8x8, 8x12, 12x12

Chimney Caps: 8x8, 8x12, 12x12

42” Chain Dampers Only (other sizes are special order)



3”X3” (24”-78” precut in 6” increments)

3”X3 ½” (7’, 8’, 9’, 10’, 17’, 20’ precut (custom sizes > 20” available)

Shelf Angle w/ Steps 3 ½” X 5” 12 ft (custom sizes not available)

Chimney Caps: 8x8, 8x12, 12x12

Lag Bolts 3/8” X 3”, Nails 2 ½” 5lb box, Wall ties bx 500 or individual

Diamond Lath 27” x 96” 10pc bundle or individual




Square & Round Shovels/Hoes

Mason Line/Chalk

Hammers/Brick Tongs


Staples/Hammer Tackers



20’, 32’, & 40’ BY 100 FT 4 MIL / 20’, 32’, & 40’ by 100ft 6mil reinforced

Glass Block Windows

8”X8”X3” Single Squares

16”X32” Solid Glass Block

16”X32” Vented Glass Block


Flashing & Cell Vents

Coorgated Cell Vents bx 200 or individual

18” X 75’ OR 36” X 75’ Self Adhesive Flashing

18” X 150’ OR 36” X 150’ Nu Flex, Non-stick Flashing



1”X8”X16” Solid

2”X8”X16” Solid

3”X8”X16” Solid

4”X4”X16” Solid, 4”X6”X16” Solid, 4”X8”X16” Solid or Hollow

6”X8”X16” Solid or Hollow

8”X8”X16” Hollow Standard, 8”X8”X”16 Hollow Corners

10”X8”X16” Hollow

12”X8”X16” Hollow Standard, 12”X8”X16” Hollow Corners

2 FT & 4 FT Manhole Block

Fill Brick

4”, 6”, 8” X 10 FT Durawall/Ladder Wire


Bagged Goods

St Mary’s Type N Mortar & Type S Mortar

Portland Cement 1L

Federal White Type N Mortar & Type S Mortar, White Cement (limited)

Calcium Chloride & Lime

Quikrete - Mason Mix, Ready Mix Mortar, Cement, CSC-4 (Panel Brick Mortar)

Quikrete - Fine & Medium Silica Sand, Pea Pebble

Solomn Grind Mortar Dye (limited stock, special order available)



Mason, 2NS, fill sand. Peastone, 6A Natural, 6A Limestone, 60/40 Blend

Limestone Accessories

4 Course (10”) Plain & Batwing Keystones

5 Course (13”) Plain & Batwing Keystone

Plain Vent Keys (6”)


Come visit our Showroom

Our showroom carries thousands of sample material selections as well as brochures for you to look over and choose from. We help contractors find the perfect materials to achieve a high end look for their clients. We also help homeowners make brick and stone selections for their new builds or renovations. Our goal at Arlington Masonry Supply is to provide quality products with very competitive prices and exceptional service.